Welcome to Inclusive Beauty

Beauty is not just one shade of black or white. Beauty is global. From country to country, culture is different - so why does our beauty seem to stay the same? Here at Honey Kissed, we believe that beauty should be inclusive. From shades that cater to the different tones of skin across the world - to service that reaches many countries, we want you to know that we see you. We see you and we are for you. We believe that if there is a "one size fits all" concept - it should fit ALL. And we make sure that happens. From two hands in Ohio, USA to your hands. We are Inclusive Beauty.

"To me, the essence of truly modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself - to express who you are."

François Nars

Sugar Baby Pressed Highlight

Looking for the MUST HAVE glow of the summer? You found it! The perfect rose gold for all occasions and all skin tones.